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David Shipps Speech Therapist and Co-Founder

Welcome to Speech Language Online, the product of a mutual desire on the part of Sam Kirby and myself to provide comprehensive online speech and language services to children, adults, and schools. My name is David Shipps. I became interested in speech telepractice over a period of years. While telemedicine for MDs and psychologists had been in use for years, I had completed my graduate education before speech telepractice was as accessible for clients and […]

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Notes from ATA Speech Therapy Telepractice Training in Belfast, Maine

ATA Speech Therapy Training While on a trip to Belfast, Maine in June of 2013, Mr. David Shipps received training on Speech Therapy Telepractice at the Waldo County General Hospital. During this training he picked up a few tips, tricks and pointers that he thought he’d share with everyone: This training is the only American Telemedicine Association (ATA) accredited program for speech therapy language telepractice. Providers that don’t use telemedicine are limiting patient access to […]

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Sam Kirby Speech Therapist and Co-Founder

Hi there! Welcome to Speech Language Online. Our company is the product of two speech therapists coming together, Sam Kirby and David Shipps, to fill a hole in our field to meet the various communication needs of people throughout the country. Our team of licensed and certified speech-language pathologists are able to reach people nationwide with just the click of a button, and we think that is pretty exciting! I am Sam Kirby, one of […]

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